Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker with Unique Lid.

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Experience the new Versatile and Uniquely Designed Pressure Cooker for your convenience.

Please Read the Manual Thoroughly before using the cooker.


  • Unique Lid with adjustable 3 Different Pressure Setting through Hissing Whistle:1> Steam Cooking Setting, 2> Low Pressure Setting, 3> High Pressure Setting. Different type of foods require different pressure for cooking. For example, vegetables, momos, idli, dhoklas, etc. can be cooked on Steam Cooking Setting. Foodtype such as rice, dal, cereals, etc. can be cooked on Low Pressure Setting and Foods which are dense such as chickpeas, moong, meat, etc. can be cooked on High Pressure setting.
  • Dual Safety Mechanism: 1> Pressure Valve Lock - as the pressure develops inside the cooker while cooking, the safety valve on lid with red tip, rises above securing and locking the lid. The lid can only be opened when the pressure inside the cooker subsides or completely released. 2> Gasket Release System: In the event where the pressure is built up inside the cooker and cannot escape through whistle or vent tube, then the notch window on side of lid will push out the gasket and release the pressure, making it safe to open and operate.
  • While most stainless steel pressure cooker available have sandwich bottom done through brazing process which involves bonding between different layers of metal with fluxes and micro metal particles. While cooking, the cooker bulges in all the direction because of the pressure developed in side which weakens the bonding of the sandwich bottom over a period of time with regular everyday use, resulting in the sandwich bottom coming off from the cooker body.
  • In Comparison to Impact Bonding bottom in which the Aluminium is heated up to plasticized condition and is forged with different layers of metal under immense pressure using 1600 to 2400 Metric Ton Press thereby integrating the molecules of different metals with each other creating molecular bonding. Such molecular bonding does not get easily affected or weaken by regular everyday use or expansion and contraction of metal body thus making the base long lasting and durable.
  • High Quality Food Grade Silicone Gasket to retain its flexibility and elasticity.
  • Stainless Steel Body Constructed from 304 grade material. Easy One Hand Operation for Opening and Closing of Lid. Stay-Cool Phenolic Handles with Flame Guard. Works on Induction, Gas and Electric Heat Source. Dishwasher Safe.


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